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Message to my Craft (JAN 10 2021)- Love and Service


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Greetings RWs, PMs, and members of the Craft,

On behalf of WM Blyden, I extend this message and prayer to you:

The Holy Spirit shows us the love of God for his children.
When we receive this lesson, we learn the true meaning of love and service.
This brotherly love is what we strive to spread each and everyday as we go through life.
This service is that hand that we extend to our brothers and citizens of the world at large, when we can.
May this lesson of love and service fill us with hope.
May we take from it the desire to do our part in making the world a little better everyday.

Heavenly Father, I come to you with a bowed head and humbled heart.
I think you for watching over the members of our great Lodge and keeping us from hurt, harm, and danger.
You further demonstrated your love by keeping your protective arms around our loved ones and we thank you.
I pray that you continue to be with all of those suffering from and fighting against the COIVD pandemic.
Continue to be our hope and courage during these trying times.
Be our physician and bring your healing touch; we specifically remember Mrs. Bohaty,
and all of the family members of Benjamin F Luke #127 whom are enduring and recovering from this illness.
We ask your continued blessings and guidance, as we navigate our way through 2021.
Lead us to follow where you lead without hesitation.
Guide us to see where we can help others and live out our faith in action.
Empower us to act on these convictions, that we may be better men and better masons.
God give us the serenity to accept the things that we cannot change, courage to change the things that we can,
and wisdom to know the difference.

I pray that this correspondence finds you all very well and in the best of sprits.