Military fraternization and masonry

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    NOBODY screws with a Gunny! ;)
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    If an officer joins a lodge, then he knowingly accepts that his military rank gets left outside the door (or at least he should know that). If someone else had a problem with it, it is just that, their problem. It wouldn't have to a fraternal organization, some busybody could claim an officer and an enlisted guy were fraternizing if they happened to belong to the same YMCA or both happened to be invited to the same wedding reception. Common sense would tell you (in a scenario presented earlier) that if two lodge members of different military class needed to discuss lodge business, do it off base and out of uniform. Then, it's nobody's concern.

    Of course, I was in the small ship navy, so once we hit blue water, most of the standard military protocol was set aside. Our CO was a commander, but he was still addressed as "Captain." The executive officer was called "XO" then you had "Weps" "Ops" "Cheng" and so forth for the senior officers. Most junior officers were "Mr. So and So," and in the evenings after the end of the workday, it was common for the junior officers to hang out on the fantail shooting the breeze or watch movies with the junior enlisted guys. In retrospect, it was most likely age related, but the junior officers associated with the junior enlisted more than the chiefs did.
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    I would call him sir unless otherwise directed. Better to be on the safe side. 5 years in the Army.
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    Maintain discipline.
    In that case they are either big or lil brothers. Your brothers shall revel themselves as such.

    My eldest brothers were no always kind
    E5 12B ARMY

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    When I was a PFC my Sunday School teacher was a 1SG of HHC CASCOM. At church we I was Goomba and he was Ted*. On post I'd make an effort to remember he was not Ted and I was not Goomba. My 1SG would give me hell sometimes for being buddies with Ted. Not in an insulting way in a way to make sure I remembered things at work.

    Granted this was between us enlisted men. Who knows how some flaky officer would react ;).
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    When in an open constituted Chartered Lodge all Brothers are created equally, till we meet again.....But they still get their respect....
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    Absolutely Right!!!!!!
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    Great discussion brothers.
    I have sat in lodge with brothers of all ranks and I knew they were always my brother in and out of lodge. I also knew what was required and expected of me out of lodge.

    As a state trooper I sat in lodge with a brother I had arrested for DWI. He knew me and I knew him and there was never animosity between us. My fraternal ties didn’t cover him when he endangered the public and he never asked for consideration. It was just the way it had to be.
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    As it should be.

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