Monday was my official first night as Secretary

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    Installation took place on last Saturday. It was attended by over 100 people (which is a lot for us). Everyone appeared to have a good time. The food was prepared by a Brother's family who served mainly Filipino food to include a roasted pig.

    Monday, I sat as Secretary at my first stated meeting as such. I muddled my way through the various minutes, communications, receipts and warrants fairly well, but totally botched doing all of that and and taking notes. Another area that i was less than helpful was the multiple questions people came to ask me. I know this will get better with experience so hopefully sooner rather than later. I told the old Secretary (who is now SW) that I was going to purchase a big red stamper that reads "DENIED". He found my plight amusing lol.
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    Remember- nobody was born knowing all that stuff. Over time, you'll learn it, just as we have. Your best retort, if someone gets nasty about it, is "Would YOU like to try this job?"
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    Don't worry Brother. You will be an "old hand" in no time. Experience is the best teacher. You will do fine.
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    Ahh, I remember my first meeting as Secretary. Fond memories. No worries, before long you will be an old crusty Secretary like the rest of us.
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    At a meeting, I have but one goal - try to speed through the business ASAP and try to keep the focus on the Sec desk to a minimum. For minutes, I record decisions, and when making notes in lodge - a lot of them are just the agenda "Accept Minutes" with a tick and convert that to a sentence later.

    Every success in this important job brother !
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