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My son a Master Mason

Matt L

Site Benefactor
I just wanted to give a shout out to my son Bryce. Bryce is a member of Huntingdon Lodge No. 106 in TN. He has always wanted to serve and wanted to right out of High School. He is a competitive shotgun shooter and had a scholarship to a very good school. We told him to try it for a year.

Toward the end of his sophomore year, he decided he wanted to go the Army ROTC route. His school doesn't have an ROTC unit, so he gets up early every morning and drives 35 minutes for PT, then back to school for classes, then back to ROTC for his military science classes. We were worried that he was going to burn out.

Yesterday he graduated from the ROTC Advanced Officer Leadership Course. He was in the top 10% of his regiment (600 cadets) and his evaluations say he should be able to branch into his top choices. His 1st is Infantry, 2nd is Armor.

We went to Ft. Knox this weekend and were impressed with the Cadre and the other cadets we met. If only the rest of our young people strived to be better than average.

Bryce will find out what his branch is in November. and will commission in May.

This old Jarhead Grunt is extremely proud.