Native American Rituals & The Influence Of Freemasonry

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    Squire Bentley will be speaking at Plano Lodge #768. Plano, Texas GLOTX AF & AM. Note this is a change of date for this lecture.

    Plano Lodge writes:

    As Plano Masonic Lodge No. 768 kicks off the new year, come join us as we host another exciting Masonic education night featuring Brother and Past Master Frederic L. Milliken of Plymouth Lodge - A.F. & A.M., MA; Paul Revere Lodge, MA; and an affiliate Past Master with @Pride of Mt. Pisgah Lodge No. 135 of the Mwphgl of Tx. Brother Milliken is the Executive Director of Phoenixmasonry Masonic Museum and Library - USA and the author of many Masonic articles and interviews. Tonight he will be giving an exciting lecture on Native American ritual and the influence of Freemasonry. He will be exploring the ritual of several of the tribes of the Canadian and New England area with a focus on the Ojibwa. Their ritual goes back to at least the 10th century and mimics many elements of Masonic ritual. Brother Milliken will explore how a tribe thousands of miles away and many hundreds of years apart could have similarities with Freemasonic ritual. We hope to see you there!
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    Looks like an interesting lecture. I wish I was able to attend.
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    At least one of the Aboriginal tribes of Australia has/had a ritual entrance for the candidate under an arch of white rods that exactly imitates my entrance as a candidate for Holy Royal Arch.
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    The Dìne, Navajo, have rituals and teachings similar to Masonry as well.
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    Same here!
    Interesting! I am a very avid student of history and find things like this fascinating.

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