New Book for 300th Anniversary shows Signs, Passwords, Knocks

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    Don’t worry Brethren, this was all done in paintings from the 1700s! William Hogarth, Grand Lodge Steward (1735) concealed the following in his popular prints:

    - signs, passwords and ‘knocks’ of the EA, FC, MM, and Mark Master

    - Grand Hailing Sign and Five Points of Fellowship

    - riddles that hint at Grand Masonic Word

    - Royal Arch sign and ‘Ineffable Word’

    - First depiction of the letter ‘G”, Square and Compass, 'Labor to Refreshment', and much more!!

    These are all covered in my book William Hogarth - A Freemason’s Harlot which is available at

    With 300 illustrations, this colorful book is being published to coincide with the Tercentenary of the Grand Lodge of England.


    Brother Hogarth

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