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    From an email sent to me.

    I want to announce the debut of the new recruiting site just turned live by Imperial. This site,, is focused on recruiting new Masons and Nobles.

    Interested parties may sign up for information and request a contact by a virtual mentor from a local lodge or Shrine Temple. We need virtual mentors to make this program effective. It is not a difficult one but will require a commitment of a couple hours per month. This is a great opportunity for our Life and Legion members to play an important role in assuring our fraternity's legacy.

    More information about the virtual mentor program and an opportunity to sign up is also available on the New Shiners Only web site .

    New membership materials are available at the membership booth at the Circus and I encourage you to stop by and discuss them.

    Also, we could use some help at the booth. If any of your membership is able to spend some time at the booth, it will be greatly appreciated. I know your unit is probably limited due to other functions at the Circus. This is a great job again for those who are limited in the ability to be on their feet since it is a sit down job.

    I hope you find these new programs and materials as exciting as I do and will help us assure an enduring legacy for the Shrine to Having Fun and Helping Kids!.

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