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Discussion in 'The York Rite' started by QPZIL, Mar 7, 2013.

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    Last night, I was made Mark Master, Past Master, and Most Excellent Master. The degrees themselves were beautiful, and a lot more reverential than the blue lodge degrees. On Saturday morning, I'll receive the Royal Arch degree, both Council degrees, and the three Commandery degrees. It's like waiting for Christmas! :)

    I learned some really cool tidbits about our lodge. There's a chandelier in our Scottish Rite room - when the lodge was constructed, one of the members (or maybe a visiting member) was lead glass designer for Tiffany & Co. He noticed that we needed more lighting in the room and constructed that chandelier onsite for free. It's so gorgeous.

    Also, the volume of marks we have has Mark Master Masons' marks dating back to 1828 when the chapter (Chorazin Chapter no. 13) was founded - granted, this is spanned over a multitude of actual physical books, but they're all still stored in the lodge.

    Two years ago when I was raised, I thought I knew basically everything about Masonry and the lodge... it's a good feeling knowing that I don't. I keep looking at my charge coin and going over last night in my head :)
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    Congratulations Companion. I myself just joined the York Rite a couple weeks ago. I think I have heard that cool story about your lodge windows somewhere. I think it's awesome. Hope you enjoy your travels.

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