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North Texas Masonic Discussion Group


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Here is the group description:

The "Introduction" of the Texas Monitor of the Lodge says this:

"Every candidate for the Mysteries of Masonry, at the proper time and in the appropriate manner, should be taught the truth that the rite of Initiation means much more than a formal ceremonial progress through the Degrees. In fact, one may receive the entire work, conferred under the most favorable circumstances, and by competent officers, and yet not perceive the true Masonic light, which the symbols and allegories are designed to conceal as well as reveal. Initiation is to be attained only after real labor, deep study, profound meditation, extensive research and a constant practice of those virtues which will open a true path to moral, intellectual and spiritual illumination.

Masonry does not expound the truths concealed in her emblems. It displays the symbol and may give a hint here and there concerning some characteristic of its several meanings, but it must remain for the Neophyte to search out for himself its more hidden significations."

This group is for Masons in DFW and surrounding areas who are interested in performing the work described above. We explore the historical, philosophical, psychological and spiritual dimensions of our rituals and symbols. In other words, we are primarily concerned with better understanding Masonry and the meanings it can have in our lives. One of our possible aims is to develop a monthly meeting at a convenient location.

While discussion of Freemasonry often tends to be about the internal politics and business of the fraternity, such matters should be discussed in other venues, though we do welcome announcements of degrees and other local lodge functions.

Conformity to the highest standards of fraternal conduct is expected.


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it has moments of greatness and times of nothingness. I like it and dont post a lot but read everything!