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    Walking past a Masonic Regalia shop, one of two sisters noticed a sign in the window "OES Parrots for sale."

    Curiosity made them enter the shop and inquire "What is this OES Parrot all about?"

    The shopkeeper immediately showed them to the back room where there, on a tall perch, was a Parrot, light blue in color. "That’s a Worthy Matron Parrot. She can recite all three degrees word perfect" he said.

    “How much†they asked.. "$10,000.00" he said.

    "That’s a lot of money" the first sister retorted. "Do you have any other Parrots?â€

    "Yes", said the shopkeeper. He went in the back and returned with this magnificent dark blue parrot. "This is a Grand Worthy Matron Parrot.†He said, "She can recite all three degrees, run any Grand Session or District Meeting, as well as give Administrative Degrees. She will cost you $25,000.00".

    "Goodness", said the sisters, "do you have anything cheaper?"

    The shopkeeper disappeared again and returned with this slightly scruffy old bird in dark blue but with gold braid down its wings and on its tail. "This is a Grand Worthy Patron Parrot" he said, "he is only $10.00."

    "What does he do" the sisters wanted to know.

    "Nothing he just sits there nodding his head and looking at his watch."
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    When are you joining OES????
  3. Blake Bowden

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    When the dust settles :)

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