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Outburst in lodge!


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I've seen gentlemen meltdown in lodge on occasion. Almost always, there was personal gain involved or a preoccupation with creatively spending lodge funds. Of course, that is in conflict with our Obligation.
And this is EXACTLY what was involved in our incident. It's just sad that people can get SO worked up over what often amounts to VERY trivial circumstances.


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When such a thing happens, it is, of course, important to diffuse the situation as well as one can.

It's also important to figure out why the outburst happened. The couple that I've witnessed over the years the basis of the problem was not what appeared on the surface during the outburst. The surface problem was the straw that broke the camel's back not the majority of load on the camel.


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All of this is interesting. Having just been raised last night I have not yet attended any Master Mason lodge meetings.