Pancake Breakfast Help?

Discussion in 'Masonic Event Calendar' started by Scotty32, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. Scotty32

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    Hey Bros:. ,

    I have been plucked to organize a pancake breakfast for our lodge. We have not done it in a long time and we are trying to get together more often other than during the week. I need some advice on how to make sure everything goes well. Ideas on what else to go with it and other things to remember that are commonly forgotten would be a great help guys.
  2. Joey

    Joey Co-Founder Staff Member

    Well, I have 4 under my belt...... 1st - PUBLICITY PUBLICITY PUBLICITY - if the people don't know about it then it will not do well. We always advertise it as an "all you can eat" breakfast.

    2nd - make sure you are going to have adequate HELP and supplies.

    3rd - Go around to your local grocery stores and ask for donations or reduced prices on the items that you need. If you tell the grocery store managers what it's for they more than likely will be willing to work with you.

    4th - Get things that are popular for breakfast. We do milk, juice, bacon, breakfast sausages, waffles and pancakes.

    5th - Pre-sale tickets. I print up 800 for ours knowing full well that we're never going to serve that many plates. Each member gets 10 tickets to sell. If they run out then they come to me to get some more. It gives you some idea on what to prepare for. Then, the morning of the breakfast you will be able to sell plates at the door.

    Hope this helps a little. PM me if you have an questions. :cool:
  3. nick1368

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    keep us posted on how things are going or what kinda turn out you had.
  4. TCShelton

    TCShelton Founding Member Premium Member

    Please do.
  5. Hippie19950

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    Joey, what kind of price do you usually charge? Is this an all you can eat, or just "by the plate" breakfast?
  6. nick1368

    nick1368 Registered User

    have you had it yet?

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