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    We have a very active Lodge and we accomplished many great things during my year in the East. This is due, in most part, to the fine Officers and Past Masters that had my back all year. I personally found it very helpful to unwind for the remainder of the calendar year (4-6 months), following our newly elected WM's Installation. However, as a Junior Past Master, it is vitally important, in most cases, to be on-call for your WM whenever he may need your advice, assistance, or any other input. As JPM, always be available to assist the WM, but do it quietly (behind the scenes). After your Year, you may consider other Appending Bodies that you felt you may not have had time for while in the Chairs. Or, make yourself available for DDGM at some point. There will be plenty to keep you busy as PM. A Lodge will always need instructors, degree team members, fundraiser participants, Committee members, fill-ins, etc., along the way.
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