Peace in the Streets youth holiday party

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    The Baltimore County Council of the Maryland Grand Council of the Knights of Pythagoras (KOP) sponsored a Peace In The Streets Youth Holiday party last night for ages 8-17. It was a HUGE success. A great look for KOP specifically and masonry in general. Masons and OES assisted with the event and it was attended by approx. 100 youth. Please continue to encourage the youth and, more importantly, consider sacrificing a few hours per month helping mold them into the young people that they need to be. 20191220_192158.jpg 20191220_235923.jpg 20191220_192740.jpg 20191221_000155.jpg 20191221_000731.jpg Screenshot_20191221-164720_Chrome.jpg 20191220_190836.jpg IMG1658955625841001440.jpg 20191220_235115.jpg

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