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    Good Afternoon, Brothers

    I thought I'd share a new idea that we've decided to try in our lodge. I use a service called Letterstream, which is an online mailing service, to schedule "reminder" postcards for our Regular Communications. They are sent two weeks in advance, and arrive via regular mail, costing our lodge $0.60 per member per month (including all postage and printing).

    This is our first month trying it, so I'll let you all know how it goes, but if any of you want help getting it set up or want to see the postcard we're using, send me a message and I'll be glad to share.
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    I think this sounds great, and I love the idea. The only thing is... I can see this getting very expensive.. like high car payment level expensive. Would love to see one. Anyway, best of luck!
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    We send a monthly Lodge Notice to all bretheran, either electronically in pdf form or via snail mail. It has information on the Stated Meeting, such as the dinner menu, agenda and any special programs, a schedule of education, committee meetings and any extra meetings, notes from the WM, and a listing of all officers and their contact information. Very handy to have for the month and serves as a reminder for those who can't recall "If it's Wednesday evening, something is going on at the Lodge Hall and I should go!"
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    Same for my Lodge. The mail i send out has much of the same information you listed above. I can usually cover the cost of mailings with just 1 postage stamp.
    The postcard for around 60 cents per member still isn't too bad. Printing does run into the cost.
    But i'm just not seeing the WM being sold on the idea as the Lodge's form of Monthly Communication to the Craft.
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    I am now acting sec. I mail 3 summons a month, all others via email saving over about $440 in postage alone each year..

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