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Prayers for myself


Premium Member
Hello brothers.

3 weeks ago I was rushed to the ER and after hours/days of testing discovered I had a stroke. As far as strokes go I was lucky. My vision is a tad off and my right side is super weak.

Any prayers or well wishes would be greatly appreciated. Also any stories of success about recovery would also be helpful as I'm looking for strength. I am truly afraid for myself and what's going to happen to my new film.

I'll also be posting some stuff under classifieds as well at an attempt to recover the $3500.00 in medical bills I still owe.

Thanks for everything and guys are the best. Thanks for letting me "vent" and for the wishes I know will come and be helpful.



KOP Council director / Lodge instructor
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Praying for you and your family brother hang in there we serve a awesome GOD and I'm going to touch and agree that he is already working it out for you be blessed my friend .