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    I'm a sitting SW and I'm confident that I will be nominated to sit in the East starting in January.

    We have gone dark for the summer allowing me only 4 stated meetings before this year is over.

    I've been planning out many of the details of what I hope to accomplish in 2018 and now find myself needing input from the rest of the lodge in order to move forward.

    Is it improper for me to 'assume' I'll be WM next year?

    Is it too early to ask the Brethren which if any office they'd be interested in during my term?

    Thank you.
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    I guess the only way for me to begin is by asking you what makes you feel confident about ascending to the Eastern Chair? How will your stewardship report as SW look? What have you accomplished during your tenure?

    Of course, my questions are rhetorical here. You need just reflect on your answers privately.
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    >Is it too early to ask the Brethren which if any office they'd be interested in during my term?

    This is always a slightly sensitive issue but I have no doubt that your lodge is well used to this.

    Just approach the relevant brethren and say: If I am elected WM would you like to have an office? If so what do you have in mind?
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    It is never too early to start to think about what should be done to improve the lodge no matter who assumes the Eastern Chair. This way you will have your answer if you are fortunate enough to be elected WM
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    It's great when you start to draft your WM's Trestleboard for the next seat while you're still in the West. You won't believe the number of Line Officers who don't look ahead to the next seat of responsibility. Neither do they reach back to guide the junior line of progression.

    It seems like all that matters is being in the seat they're currently occupying. It's their accomplishment to-date.

    Unfortunately I've experienced this selfish drive within my own lodge. I've witnessed one PM breeze through the line and sucked in his new seat just as he sucked in the previous one. But he was elected faithfully each year by the lodge and eventually made it to the East.

    The Brother had no clue whatsoever in my opinion about what to do as our Lodge's man of authority. He's a good guy so don't get me wrong. But there's no way in the world that as WM of a subordinate lodge, a person is still struggling to perform our Opening & Closing ceremonies. (It's the same lines every time and year after year). Also it really sucks when your WM hasn't learned yet how to entertain Motions, Proposals and other routine procedural matters.

    I was dying inside that year I was thinking like, dude you mean to tell me you didn't pay attention to business as you moved through our line? Holy Jesus Christ and Mary Christmas!
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    At ours and I would assume others we have a line that gets used every year by the junior officers "If tradition prevails".

    When they first get in the line most of them think it is funny that an officer should feel the need to preface a statement about future plans but as they move further along they come to understand that nothing is guaranteed and that their advancement depends on the them showing they are ready to be advanced.

    That being said I commend you on your preparations for the upcoming year. I had the basic framework for my year in the East outlined by the end of my year as JW and refined that when I was SW. If you wait until you are in the East it is too late and you will spend your time reacting to events rather than enjoying the success of your well thought out plans. Remember though to get input from the Past Masters, your junior officers and the membership in general. Your plans should reflect what is best for the Lodge not what you want to see done.

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    That happens entirely too often.
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    More thank the Team, at this early stage, make sure you think about what the Lodge needs to provide and do to prosper. Without disregarding the line of succession, I would also be looking to select and position a team who will support you achieving success.
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