Preston Webb and Duncan

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    Haven't read that particular work, however the best simple discussion of the ritual I have seen maintains that "Preston Webb" is a total misnomer. The Ritual usually denominated as such, and perhaps should just be called the "Webb Ritual", as used in most US Grand Lodges, is apparently descended almost directly from the ritual used in the pre-Union "Antients" Grand Lodge in England, or so at least some scholars maintain. While there are variations from one US GL to another, most are at least recognizably related to a common "school" in my experience. The same discussion claims that the "Emulation" ritual, approved (but not enforced) by the UGLE, is primarily descended from the ritual used in the pre-Union "Moderns" GL of England. Considering the amazing differences between the published "Emulation Ritual" books, and any common US working of the Ritual, I think there is at least a lot of truth in this argument. My own attempts to learn the "Emulation Ritual", from the approved publication of the "Emulation Lodge of Improvement" makes me wonder just how closely the two schools of ritual actually are. The previous mention of "Duncan's Ritual" in this discussion thread brings me to point out that whether it was ever exact in any US Jurisdiction, the ritual described therein definitely belongs to the "Webb" school. [I am told the ritual used under the GL of Pennsylvania is a whole different animal, and I have no direct knowledge to judge from on that.]
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    To the OP: Yes.
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