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I have been a member of my lodge since 2006 and I love my home lodge it's little ..but hmmmm..trying to think how to say this without sounding rude ..u have brothers in the lodge that click together and try to run the lodge instead of letting the members do what's best for the lodge ..I've not been in two yrs because I don't feel welcome there because of the click that's been making all the choices of the lodge ..should I dimit and go else where and stick it out for all the younger brothers coming in ?

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Stick it out and do not let anyone push you around in your own lodge even old PMs. Sometimes when making a good man better he is
required to do things that are very hard and way outside his comfort zone. Above all be nice and remember peace and harmony.


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Meh. I can see both sides. You want to stick it out out of loyalty and doing the 'right thing' and then the BS just becomes too tiring.

I'd say by not going in 2 years, you sort of already made the choice. Maybe give it a couple of meetings, see if its any better and if not, buh bye. And I think the right order is find a new lodge, get a certificate of good standing (or whatever its called) from your old lodge, affiliate with new lodge then demit from old lodge. Otherwise you'll be an unaffiliated Mason and that will bring newer headaches.


I say every lodge has it's own culture and sometimes it's the clicks in the lodge that determine the overall culture. I think a brother should find a lodge with a culture that suits them best. It's up to you to determine if you want to try and change the culture/click or if you want to simply find a lodge that better suits you.

brother josh

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Peace and harmony my brother also u should not put on that badge if there is a variance amongst u and the brothers present u did it right by withdrawing yourself if u can not adjust your differences then retire so that the harmony is not disturbed and what I'm coming to realize is every lodge plays its own tune get in where u fit in and are comfortable hope this helps brother
Also you could do a dual keep tge membership so you can still support tge lodge that raised you


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I was at one time very happy in my home lodge grandfather my great grandfather were both raised there and it just hurts to see things going the way they are .

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Have you considered volunteering for a difficult task in the lodge? Ask to be made the Sr. Steward for the year. That will force the clique to acknowledge and communicate with you. Learn to confer and recite lectures and teach new masons. They can't ignore you if you are driving the bus.


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Unhappily, This problem exists in far too many lodges. I have seen it in my own lodge. A small group of men have taken it on themselves to run the lodge. The membership of the lodge, does not matter to them.

I encourage you to push for change, and encourage your lodge to return to the democratic process, and operate under the by-laws and constitutions of the Grand Lodge which holds your charter. And if the lodge is not operating properly, send a report to your Grand Lodge.

"It does not take a majority to effect change. But an irate, tireless minority, keen to light brush fires in people's minds" - Samuel Adams, revolutionary.

Thulsa Doom

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You have a voice in your lodge. Stand and be heard.
Also realize that what you call a clique may also be perceived as a group of friends who work together and get things done. Yes it's hard to break into that group but they may be telling themselves that they're the only ones doing anything to keep the lodge moving forward, not knowing their inclusiveness is alienating others.
Again, speak up. Others may feel the same way or if not at least a whole room of brothers will hear your concerns and may council them to open up and let you in. That's what it's all about. If a brother is not comfortable in his own lodge it's a problem for everyone.
Good luck.


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Cliques, groups and so called "inner circles" are definitely a malady which affect not only some of our Lodges but work places, schools, places of worship etc. I can see how some of the brethren can be turned off by it. Starting these little inner groups is a man made prerogative. The one thing to keep in mind is that these cliques do not represent Freemasonry. Freemasonry is a universal spirit of brotherhood which through its teachings endeavours to make good men better. Therefore it transcends all man made inventions. Whether you decide to stay in you mother lodge or go elsewhere, let your love for the craft be your motivator. These cliques are really meaningless and have value only as long as you believe in them. Peace and harmony bro.

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