Reimagining The Anteroom

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  1. JJones

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    The anteroom is an introduction to the initiatic experience for each candidate.

    It is the portal through which all Freemasons must pass before beginning their Masonic journey.

    What image of our fraternity do we convey when that candidate or brother sits in an uninspiring and often cluttered anteroom? Remember that whatever does not contribute to the desired atmosphere takes away from it instead.

    Join me as I discuss how I believe we can create anterooms that inspire, impress, and encourage reflection without ruffling (too many) feathers.

    Link here.
  2. Brother JC

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    Seriously, just clear out the garage sale leftovers and you’ll be lightyears ahead.
    You have some excellent ideas. I’ve seen “chambers” add and subtract as the jurisdiction required. The bottom line is, can the candidate reflect on the step they are about to take or are they distracted by your detritus?
  3. Mark Stockdale

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    Some very valid points, not just for the USA, but I believe for lodges world wide.
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