Religion and the Masonic Lodge

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In your opinion are we correct in keeping religion out of the Masonic lodge?

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  1. Michael Hatley

    Michael Hatley Premium Member

    I'd pay a nickel to have a Unitarian Universalist minister filling the Chaplain role in a lodge I'm in one day. I started attending their services recently, and you want to talk about faith neutral. Very inclusive. Roots in Christianity, but around the same tone as what I've seen in the EA work so far. I'd at least consult a UU minister pretty closely if I ever had to fill the role that is for sure. It seems to me the goal being that if a Muslim or Hindu walked in the door that they didn't feel like they were on Mars.
  2. Traveling Man

    Traveling Man Premium Member

    As we are instructed from our Antient Charges:

    Ancient Charges - 1769

    The Complete Text of Anderson's Constitutions
    Ancient Charges of a FREEMASON
    The Ancient Records of Lodges beyond the Sea

    2. BEHAVIOUR after the LODGE is over and the BRETHREN not GONE
    You may enjoy yourself with innocent Mirth, treating one another according to Ability, but avoiding all Excess, or forcing any Brother to eat or drink beyond his Inclination, or hindering him from going when his Occasions call him, or doing or saying anything offensive, or that may forbid an easy and free Conversation, for that would blast our Harmony, and defeat our laudable Purposes. Therefore no private Piques or Quarrels must be brought within the Door of the Lodge, far less any Quarrels about Religion, or Nations, or State Policy, we being only, as Masons, of the Universal Religion above mention'd, we are also of all Nations, Tongues, Kindreds, and Languages, and are resolv’d against all Politics, as what never yet conduct'd to the Welfare of the Lodge, nor ever will.
  3. JTM

    JTM "Just in case" Premium Member

    In 2009, he created a question. In 2009, he got his response to the poll he created. In 2011, I locked this thread.

    Start a new one if you'd like to discuss something new.
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