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Results- 2013 Texas Grand Annual Communication


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Awhile back a rumor went around that the COW frowned on the use of robes, as it supposedly created a disparity between those lodges that had them and those that didn't, and thus created a breach in the uniformity of ritual.

I could totally picture someone saying that, ugh! So because most lodges do not give long form lectures, will someone take exception to long form degree lectures being given because it creates a disparity? Oh wait, they're already frowned on in the name of "keeping it simple". Arguably, the CoR snafu really gave the practice a black eye, but other things seem to get "knife and forked" for not much good reason.


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There was a period when music was not permitted in degrees for the sake of uniformity. We would hope that the establishment of the office of Lodge Musician would settle that point.


I wonder if there was as much stress on uniformity back in the days when Freemasonry was growing and spreading? I know back in the horse and wagon days there was one brother that traveled from town to town and established lodges in my area and I'm sure there must have been other brothers who did the same thing.

Don't get me wrong, I think uniformity is good to an extent, but I think being so strict about it might do more harm than good in the long run. Especially if it shoehorns us into 'fork and knife' practices that simply aren't offering what many masons are looking for any longer.

Brent Heilman

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Uniformity for the sake of uniformity can't be a good road to travel. What fits the needs for one Lodge does not mean it is a suitable fit for every Lodge. I have been away for far too long apparently and have forgotten much of what I knew about Texas Masonry. Long form, short form are things I had forgotten about. Walking lectures during the degrees? I don't see why not. We do it for the FC. Our middle Chamber lecture requires the SD to escort the candidate about the room to explain the many details in the lecture. During the MM I don't really remember much reason for it, but I don't see why it would be a bad thing. So many of these things I am dumbfounded by.


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Banning Table Lodge? Agreed. Any attempt to make meaning move apparent has been met with resistance or a ban. It's shameful.

I'm less irked over this one. They want to put a hold on them until they come up with a uniform way to conduct them. That's an okay compromise I guess. Granted, they've been allowed for some time so why ban them for a year? Doesn't make a lot of sense. Just set the committee to work this year and adopt the formal way next year. Although, letting that slide kinda undermines resolution #2 a bit. Meh.

Maybe they needed to write it up such that 2 hours of jokes are required at every table lodge! :laugh:
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Yes. Brother it was. Go back to the Moderns and Antients.

Great pains were taken, over nearly a four-year period, to streamline the floor and esoteric work between the two bodies. Then, groups were set up (much like modern committees on work) to bring uniformity to the lodges under the UGLE. This was a very tense time for brethren on both sides. All could have been lost numerous times had it not been for the strong leadership and compromise of the combining jurisdictions.

As always, there is both good and bad in dogma. The same can be said of the "open" concept. There is a fine line between the two that is difficult, at best, to stride.
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