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  1. CuAllaidh

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    Just curious if there are any members of the SCA (society for Creative Anachronisms) among the brothers here?
  2. Brother JC

    Brother JC Vigilant Staff Member

    Not for a couple decades now... I have a friend and Brother back in NM that's neck deep in it; fights with a Templar crew, usually found in pictures within arm's reach of the throne. He's usually found within arm's reach of the Grand East, as well. ;)
  3. CuAllaidh

    CuAllaidh Registered User

    Very cool, I wondered mainly because I can see the same sort of person being attracted to the honour and chivalry of SCA to be attracted to the Masons. Since I am a member of both I figured it was likely there were others.
  4. Lars 241

    Lars 241 Registered User

    Throwing out a yes, sort of.

    I was involved in the SCA in Ohio and Indiana. Wanted to be involved a lot more, but it was an hour+ to the nearest meeting place. I went for many years still, events and a small bit of combat (A torn rotator cuff from earlier life prevented most of it). My wife and kids were involved as well. My son. now headed for college, has even inquired if a group is near his college.

    2010 Winter's Feast!


    I am not any longer, leaders changed, friends moved on, they no longer had the warm welcome group that once was.
  5. Vikti

    Vikti Registered User

    I haven't in abouut 10 years but I'm slowly getting back into it in north Texas

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  6. rmorenc

    rmorenc Premium Member

    I used to about 12 years ago in Gleann Abhann, back when it was just a principality. My boss at the time was very into heavy combat and eventually became the first King of GA, so I was intrigued by the idea of getting to hit my boss with a big stick. The trouble was that he hit back. Hard.

    I tried to play some once I moved to Ansteorra, but never got much into the heavy sword and board fighting style that seemed to be so common here. I much prefer two-handed styles such as glaive, nagamaki, or naginata (yes, I had one of those rare Japanese personas). Plus, the timings of the local group didn't work out with my schedule. I still have some of my gear, so hopefully some day I can get reauthorized and fighting again.
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  7. Keith C

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    Newcomer to the forum here and clicking around, sorry for resurrecting a zombie thread, but in case there is still interest in the subject...

    The wife and I are Scadians, We are in the East Kingdom and reside withing the Shire or Hartshorne Dale, where we share the role of Shire Secretarie. We are involved mostly in A&S, primarily cooking and dance. We have a group within the Shire that works over a 2 year or so time frame researching, trialing and adjusting recipes from period documentation to create a Feast menu appropriate for a given time frame. We are currently working on a feast centered around circa 1550 France we are calling "Dining with Henri II" shooting for an early winter 2017/2018 date for the Feast.

    I am planning to hone my archery skills and participate in that aspect in both tournament and combat, hoping I can arrange the time to go to the next Pensic event.

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