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Scottish rite or York rite

J Chapman

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Hey brethren,

Not looking to start arguments for either side, but I would love to hear from brothers on both sides of the fence as to why they like the path they chose. I’m a somewhat new MM and I’m looking at both paths but I’m torn.
Only so much can be read online and I’d rather hear personal thoughts if possible.
I’m fairly committed, being my lodges membership officer, inner guard (sentinel) and I also run our lodges Instagram page.

Thanks in advance brothers,


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Both paths have excellent degrees that are memorable experiences. Many Brothers go through both. But as a newer Master Mason I would suggest that you eschew the appendant bodies for a few years and focus on your Craft Lodge. There is so much for a new Brother to take in there that you may miss out on a solid foundation of learning if you pile on too much too early. The other Rites aren't going anywhere and if you focus on learning more in your Craft Lodge first it will allow you to get that much more out of the appendant bodies if and when you do follow those other paths.

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Keith C

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I agree with BOTH Bro. Winter and Bro Cook!

Take the time to experience your Blue Lodge, get to know the Brethren well, Serve on a committee or fill a chair for at least a year.

Then The first thing I would pursue whatever path leads to the Holy Royal Arch Degree in your Jurisdiction. After that you can decide to continue in the other York Rite Bodies, The Scottish Rite bodies or both.

Matt L

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I agree with what our esteemed Brothers have said. I'm a member of both. In my case right after I was raised, I was handed a petition for the YR. Once I went through the Chapter, it answered questions I had from the MM degree and put things in perspective. I took on to many things, and it almost burned me out. Take your time, enjoy it, than seek more light.