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    Dear all,

    I have a question that I’ve been pondering on for awhile now that I’d sincerely like to seek guidance for. I am a student currently, on my way to be a mason, awaiting my first degree.

    I’m sincere on spending this life, and every other, on being of complete service to the betterment of mankind and to devote myself to this new purpose I’ve found in this journey of freemasonry.

    However I am currently at a crossroads in choosing a path for further education. I would sincerely like to seek your opinion on what would be the best education / career choice where I can be of the most use and service to our mission.

    I wish not to make this decision based on what I find interest in, but instead on how I can best dedicate my life to be of greatest use and purpose as a mason.

  2. chrmc

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    Do something you like, something you're good at, and something where there's a need in the future. Likelyhood is that where you'll eventually end, is far from where you thought. I don't think many of us are in the career we had counted on when we started college.

    I would not necessarily seek to better the world as as career, though it is a noble cause. Unless of course this is where your passion is. If you become an honest, upright and succesfull man you will have plenty of opportunities to better your community and thereby the world.
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    You would achieve your goal, by living your life by Masonic principles. Doesn't matter what your vocation is. Do what makes you happy. One of the best Masons I know is a janitor at a high school. The kids respect him, and know he's a Mason. We've had a few join the lodge because of him.
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    This would be a mistake. Go with the course of study you have the most passion. That is the best way to find your life calling. Once in your life calling, give service through that occupation.
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  5. CLewey44

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    Ash, can you give some specfics on what you have on mind?
  6. hfmm97

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    Ash do research on the long-term job prospects find something that is relatively stable and not likely to be exported before you commit to a course of study.

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  7. hfmm97

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    I know of one brother that got BA degrees in psycholgy and sociology 10 years ago and he wanted to be a "professional Mason". He's got a stack of dues cards and is a member of all the Masonic organizations that I've heard of (his family is well to do-he drove a Mercedes as a student in uni) - last I heard he was a Uber driver anda barista at Starbucks

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  8. Warrior1256

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  9. JamestheJust

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    It is most important to find your own kind of people. My wife started university and changed faculties 3 times in the first 2 months until she found her own people - botanists.

    There are probably more efficient means of search.
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