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    I know this might be a long shot but hey lets try everything. :)

    I am a black belt instructor in Brazilian jiujitsu Defendo and Taekwondo.
    I am coming to USA next september-october to referee ADCC world championships. At the same trip I am planning to give some seminars and I would like to reach out to you brethren if you know any martial arts schools that would be interested in modern street self defense or use of force training I would be more than happy to visit as many schools as possible while I'm there. :)
    I can also give seminar about submission fighting (nogi jiujitsu) on aspect of how to play the rules of ADCC (the most prestigious championship in grappling)

    I'm mainly looking for schools around LA/Anaheim/Oceanside are in California, Colorado Springs/Denver in Colorado, Midland/Dallas/Fort Worth in Texas and Oklahoma City in Oklahoma.
    I already have a seminar in Midland, TX and possibly another in Dallas. The championships are in Anaheim and other places I mentioned are the ones tat would go well with our trip. I'm travelling with my wife. We can travel where ever in US but we just have to figure it out otherwise. :)

    About Defendo
    DEFENDO offers effectiveness through simplicity. The systes is easy to learn because it offers a small amount of techniques while addressing a vast number of self-defense problems. The fewer techniques there are to learn the greater the number of repetitions per technique. This rule results in intuitive action in highly stressful situations. DEFENDO also offers a psychological approach on how to use emotions such as stress and fear for survival.

    Thank you brethren. :)

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