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  1. Matt L

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    Shooting clay's can be addictive. I'd start with a sporting model shotgun. It will shoot trap, skeet, sporting clay's and wing. If you decide you're all in, then you can pickup a very nice trap, or skeet specific gun used.
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    After 25 years as a police officer, and 22 years Army/Army Reserve, I wanted to stay in shooting in some way, but something different. So, I got involved in Cowboy Action Shooting. I did that for several years, but stopped for a couple of reasons:
    1. Ammunition got too damned expensive. I shoot .45 Long Colt in my revolvers and rifle, and it got be nearly "a buck a bang" to shoot that. Since we used two boxes of revolver/rifle ammo (plus a box of shotgun) in each match, with entry fees it was getting to be a $150 day to shoot. I had zero interest in getting into reloading ammo.
    2. The super-competitive guys took all the fun out of the stages. They didn't want any of the "fun" stuff done on the clock. It became a situation of just standing in one place shooting as fast as you could. Any "cowboy action" had to be done before the timer started. The fun stages used to give a chance to some of the less-fast shooters (the super-fast shooters might take four or five tries to lasso the wooden horse, and they didn't like it.)

    So, I still go to the range from time to time, but I've been thinking lately that I ought to sell my cowboy guns, because I never use them.
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  4. MWS

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    I'd like to consider myself a shooting sports enthusiast...but still need a lot of work.

    When I went deer hunting, I saw a few squirrels.
    When I went turkey hunting, I saw a few...deer.
    When I spent the day at the range with my .45 my friend saw my target paper and said, "Oh, sighting in your shotgun, eh?" :rolleyes:

    Regardless, I still enjoy getting out...I do a little better at skeet and trap.
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    Some say they are selling?

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    30 years on the job here. I've shot PPC, IPSC, Bianchi Cup, 3 gun, IDPA, Steel challenge, etc. and was a Marine Corps distinguished rifle and pistol marksman. I seem to lose interest when the gadgets and race guns come out and the RSO's have there head up their bum.

    I now concentrate on vintage sniper matches, and trap. My real love is coaching. I'm a level 2 national rife, pistol and shotgun coach. I can coach on the trap field until the cows come home.
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  7. melinda

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    I grew up with a gun shop in my living room aka store front in Green Bay, WI. It was a "significant" day when you had the arm strength to pull down the re-loader hammer and reload bullets on your own. We'd look for Easter Eggs in the ammo boxes and move the rack of machine guns & 22s to put up the Christmas tree.

    I Would like to get a Rugger 22 LR - Rimfire Pistol because my dad's collection was given away to my step-monster's friends and family and not us. I haven't gotten to shoot since I lived in AZ in the white tanks desert!
  8. Matt L

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    Melinda, Ruger is a fine firearm (I have a few Rugers) and I understand the sentimental value attached. I'd look at the new Smith & Wesson Victory in .22LR. They got it right.
  9. Mr.Spradlin

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    I am an avid bench rest shooter. Both short range group and air rifle.

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