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Solstice Fish Fry!


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Today was Shelby, OH 350's annual fish fry, which we host on the day of the last meeting before the lodge goes dark for the summer. It was excellent: we ran out of chairs! It was great to have fellowship with the brothers, and with their families, too.

Does your Lodge host an annual event? More often? I'd love to hear about it!

Mike Mendelson

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In Maryland, we have a few regular events at our lodge: pancake breakfast, ladies night, family picnic, strawberry festival (a Maryland thing that I don't quite understand but really enjoy). Our Grand Lodge has an annual family picnic and a few other events. Events have been pretty well attended this year!


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Does your Lodge host an annual event? More often? I'd love to hear about it!
Installation of the Master is always a big deal here. We will have the partners and children along. We do that by doing it on a Sat afternoon, even if the lodged is a weekday lodge.

We also generally do something similar for Christmas. Usually on a week night, sometimes at a restaurant, sometimes in our lodge dining area. That seems to being replaced with a multi-lodge BBQ

Traditionally, weekend trips away over Sat night have been a thing for us. Suspended during COVID.... but we're in the discussions phase for our next one, March to May in 2022. We go to a county town, often a tourist spot... tyle in the afternoon with partners and kids doing the tourist thing and come back together for dinner. Always lots of fun and a good way to get to know families..