Stainless steel Square & Compass ring

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    I purchased this ring when I became and Entered Apprentice, and kept it in a drawer until I was raised as an incentive to get my proficiencies done.

    Once I became a Master Mason, I wore this ring daily (about 4 months), then I bought a custom ring. No need to keep this one, so I'm passing it along here.

    It's stainless steel, with a laser-engraved Square and Compass. It's a big ring (size 13.5 US), and I used a band aid to snug it up on my finger (I have since removed the band and and cleaned the ring).

    All I'm asking is $20 shipped to your door (US only, please). PayPal marked as a gift saves me some fees.
    It's packed and ready to ship...1st reply gets it.


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