Study: Chambers of Reflection Provide No Rebirth

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    WASHINGTON - The United States Chamber of Freemasonry, a non-profit Masonic research group based in Washington, DC, has determined that there is no marked change in a candidate’s state of mind after he experiences a chamber of reflection before his initiation. “We have found that a man who petitions a lodge does not change from the moment he enters the chamber to when he begins the degree work,“ states lead researcher Frederick Larson, adding, “in fact, most find the chamber to be ‘weird’ and ‘off-putting’.” When asked what most candidates found resulted in a complete rebirth to his individual mind and soul, Dr. Larson responded, “pancakes and Masonic youth groups. It’s really that simple.”
    The Honorable Reginald Farquar, XVI°

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    Don't forget a good fish fry fundraiser. That stuff does wonders for your soul!
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