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the ritualistic significance of the Marshal


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Why is the Marshall arched in the second and third degree and where can I find this information?
What do you mean by "arched"? That may be a jurisdictional term to you that I am not familiar with. Does your GL have any printed material that explains the officer positions?


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In my jurisdiction the marshal is “arched” by the deacons with the staffs/rods but in other jurisdictions I’ve seen the Marshall arched by both masters of ceremonies. I’m just interested in the why


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I see what you mean now. I've seen it, but my jurisdiction doesn't have that in our floor work so I am not sure the reason.


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I am guessing what you man by "arched", I assume with wands.. if so, we only do that to candidates, WMs, and Installing Masters and MWGMs.

And we don't have a Marshal , we have a Director of Ceremonies..