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    Because the long form of the proficiency (for jurisdictions that have a long form) contains so much of the opening and all of the obligation, I had no idea that some jurisdictions restrict who can obligate. Maybe I learned that for the jurisprudence qualification for JW and have since forgotten? I know of restrictions to open a lodge but not to obligate. I thought it was tradition in my jurisdictions that wardens, masters or PM obligate not a requirement.
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    In Kentucky there has to be at least 28 days between degrees.
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    In oregon the norm is to ve enterted today, next regular communication prove up, then either a special communication will he called or at the next regular you will be passed and that will be repeated for the raising. On occasions where the candidateslif gets in the way they may open lodge, prove up, close and reopen for the degree
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    In lodges holding of the GL of Scotland, the 'proving of proficiency', as said earlier, consists of answering only a handful of provided questions, with prompting by the Deacon allowed! In theory candidate could get all 3 degrees in a few days. In practice, except in special circumstances, the shortest time would be four monthly meetings from balloting to MM degree. However, since lodges always work in the EA degree the EA is able to sit in lodge immediately upon being Initiated and so no pressure is felt about having to get him to the 3rd degree so he can sit in lodge. In my Mother Lodge, as in many others, the preference is to let the brother sit as an EA for several months before being Passed so he can observe and learn, both in his own lodge and by visiting other lodges. The same reasoning follows for having him sit as a FC for a while before being Raised. A similar situation holds in our sister jurisdiction, the GL of Newfoundland and Labrador.
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    ;)In Texas, there is a mandatory two weeks between degrees, although, an EA has up to a year to complete his memory work and prove his proficiency in open lodge. FC also has up to a year, but MM must show his proficiency in open lodge within ninety days or he could go suspended. Now, in case a MM is not able to turn in his work in the alloted time, the Master of the Lodge may grant a short, up to sixty days, extention, as long as the Brother has not WILLFULLY refused to do the work. For example, I was initiated on 24 March 2011, passed 05 May 2011 and raised on 25 May 2011, but, I was able to meet with my instructor/mentor four days a week. I also turned in all three sections of the EA at one single meeting. Let me tell you, that was a lot of work.
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    I did it in three and a half, at
    Fred C. Brooks 60# in Oakland Ca..
    It's up to the individual,how bad you want learn,and better yourself!

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