Types & Subtypes of Masons

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  1. Mark Petro

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    OK, do you find anything scientific in these graphs? I know what you’re trying to do, you’re trying to categorize Masons into some real category, and I agree. All Masons must fall into somewhere on his graph, Bravo on your efforts.
  2. Cmills24

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    Great idea! I’m a newly installed JD in St Marys Ontario Canada. Our new officers are a bunch of guys in their 30s mostly and we are looking to kick some life into our lodge via a similar route! Great thinking, Brother!

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  3. BroBook

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    I am a 5 in all categories, I make a conscious effort to lead by example.

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  4. Warrior1256

    Warrior1256 Site Benefactor

    Socialite (4)
    Legislative (4)
    Ritualist (3)
    Philosopher (3)
    Historian (2)
    Fiduciary (1)
  5. Keith C

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    Just seeing this for some reason, I'll play along!

    My name is Keith, I have been a Mason for a bit over 3 years. Currently Senior Warden in my Lodge.

    Socialite - 3 I enjoy the social aspects but don't "live for it."
    Legislative - 4 Served (briefly) as JD and SD, served as JW and SW, will be WM on December 27th. Also on several committees.
    Ritualist - 4 Know all 3 degrees, have conferred several EA and FC Degrees, always attend District Instruction nights.
    Philosopher - 3 Don't really see the point in ritual if you do not seek to understand the meaning behind it
    Historian - 4 Really enjoy the history of anything!
    Fiduciary - 2 Pay dues early, contribute whenever it is sought, sat through Audit Committee meetings as a learning opportunity and yeah...not my cup of tea!
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