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US Navy


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Cool deal. I'm an Admin LDO that's never been on shore duty haha. Well recruiting but that doesn't count right?

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Brother JC

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Once upon a time, I was in the Navy, but I wasn't a Freemason then. I remember a sand crab that was one, and I asked him about it... he basically blew me off. Looking back on myself then, I can't say as I blame him.

Went in October '82, served on the Hunley, in Holy Loch Scotland, as a non-designated Deck Ape. Got orders to Parachute Rigger School, then went to Whiting Field, FL, in '85. Re-enlisted in '86 and was a Plankowner in VS-35, North Island, CA. Bounced all over the Pacific with that squadron, including a stint on the Enterprise. They decommissioned the Air Wing, and I spent the next fourteen months in the paraloft on Diego Garcia. Then I went back to North Island as a SERE Instructor, and became one of the first DEST Instructors in two decades when Desert Storm started. Got out in '91.


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I served from 1990 - 1994. BT3

USS Wisconsin BB 64
USS Aylwin FF 1081
USS Truett FF 1095

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My uncle was in the navy I got to go on the Tiger Cruise which was awesome... Except I got really sick... Still rocked...anyways...THANK YOU gentlemen for your time served very appreciated



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I started off in NAB Little Creek, VA, and retired at Naval Hospital Corpus Christi, TX. Too many places in between to remember!
Bob Kuba
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Emory, TX