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    I'm not trying to be obtuse, but I honest can't understand your logic. Why would we set a standard for new valleys that we wouldn't for old ones. And if we say this standard is required for a Valley to be viable, why wouldn't it be universal.
    With all due respect, I haven't heard a good argument from you other than "it's hard on the old guys," and I don't think that one really floats.

    I think parts are read in the places where standards have lapsed. But historically and ritualistically they parts were always intended to be memorized.

    If we want to go down that road, then let's debate if the standard of memorization is fair, but again "they are doing it other places" doesn't hold up as an argument.

    Again, I come back to the core which to me is the question on whether we are Masonry or not. If we take away the ritual, we might as well be a social group.
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    This is true. Some people get annoyed by ritual. Had this issue with OES and my wife. She thought it was so boring and took so long. In other words, it had no value to her, but that doesn't mean the OES is wrong in its ritual. I had to sort of explain it's what makes it OES and not just a co-ed group to eat potlucks and hang out. Ok, I'm not AASR so, bowing out now.
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    It's called "grand fathering" when rules change groups that were adhering to the old rules don't have to change. I'm not saying that it shouldn't be memorized I'm saying that it shouldn't be required. But they do have 2 yrs to make it happen
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    Not as easy as that.
    Sometimes a ritual read from paper can be more precise then a ritual that is from memory.
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    Of course a ritual read from paper will be more precise. After all you are reading it from paper. The point isn't the accuracy or precision of either method, it's the tradition and the effort put into memorization that makes the ritual great. Easy isn't always better.

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    As I sit here trying to learn the Midlands working of the exaltation. One paragraph left for rough memorisation
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    Reading ritual is an art form. It takes many practices to read it coherently.
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    I don't think that we can easily compare the tradition of delivery in the AARS in the US to The Swedish Rite rituals to be honest.
    However if we really want to do so, it is my experience in the Swedish Rite, that any part of the ritual that is delivered away from the officer's main chair or position is usually delivered by memory. Rarely do you see people walking around with scripts.

    However I still don't think this should be a discussion regarding reading or memorization, which we've already had quite a few times.
    I much more see this as a debate, about what minimum requirements there needs to be in place for a Valley to be viable. Why we believe these requirements are fair or not, and why they should be instituted.

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