Valley of Guthrie;Orient of Oklahoma

Discussion in 'The Scottish Rite' started by Bro.Matthew, May 4, 2010.

  1. Bro.Matthew

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    Haveing just completed our spring reunion here,and quite a good one if I do say so,i would like
    to thank the Brothers from Texas that visited with us.I personally met and visited with three
    that had come from Austin,and I certainly hope they had a good and fullfilling weekend.We had
    visitors from as far as Washington state,our class was approxamatly 45 and attendance was
    phenominal.Had a hard time finding parking that first day.For maney of you here the Valley of
    Guthrie might seem a bit far, but if you do find yourself wandering , this way please stop in and
    let us welcome you.

    Thanks Brothers;

    Matthew Swenson
  2. Griffin

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    Agreed! It was a fine reunion. I'm happy to say that I am a member of the Guthrie Valley, and in addition to the brothers from Austin there were a few more of us there from Texas. Anyone who hasn't made the trip up to Guthrie for a reunion should do so. The temple there is stunning in both size and beauty, and it is the home to a long and splendid history of SR Masonry at its very best. There is a nice virtual tour here:
  3. Bro.Matthew

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    Currently,we are adding a cigar/smoking\ room.There wil be individual lokers for Brothers to keep their cigars in,as well as access during
    off hours and weekends.Having had the pleasure of helping Brother Heaton on this project,I can say it will be fantastic!!! I'm saving a
    couple of cubans for the opening.

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