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Wearing the Bling

Should EA's and FC's be allowed to wear Masonic jewlerey?

  • Yes

    Votes: 16 10.1%
  • No

    Votes: 137 86.7%
  • Undecided

    Votes: 5 3.2%

  • Total voters


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To stir the pot, I thought that I was told I there stood "a just and upright mason" during my EA degree.Since masons meet on the level shouldn't an EA also have the privilege.

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While of course I will concede to my more learned Brethren, I personally see no problem with an EA wearing a ring. Because, at least in my Lodge, we stress that once obligated he is a Mason, period. His degree within the Craft is something entirely different. After all, is a Private less of a soldier than a General? Perhaps the private soldier shouldn't be allowed to wear a uniform because he hasn't attained a certain status or level in an army?

Masonry is a lifelong following, to set artificial barriers is, in my humble opinion, somewhat narrow minded. We are constantly learning and searching for more light and in a great many cases, although a brother may wear a ring or fancy trappings, he is not a Mason. If bling is a cause of concern and contention and must be "earned", perhaps we need to reassess what it is to be a Mason.

My two bits...

Dave in Waco

Premium Member
I would say they should not wear the jewelry. If for no other reason, the same reason we are not allowed to print names of EA's and FC's in announcements, newsletters, and websites. The jewelry could make them targets by those uninformed and/or misinformed about the Craft.


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Most rings are showing a MM symbol not an EA or FC. But why spend $$$ on a EA ring since most folks arent an EA but a few months at most and FC for a month or so usually. By wearing a ring it also shows your a mason, but can an EA or a FC answer the questions asked by someone interested?


Registered User
No they should not be allowed to wear the " bling ". If an ea Just became a mason let's say last night and today some one from my lodge who dose not know him sees an ea ring on his finger and tries him. That ea will look like a fool. He won't have a clue what he's talking about. Or if a non mason comes to him and ask him anything about the order. That ea would have been set up for failure. In my oppion I am glad I had to wait so I knew what it was that I was representing, and what was representing me.

peace out

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Well, similar to another thread, I will bring up A&M traditions.

Only students who had reached a certain point in their career, that being senior if I recall, could get a ring. They could wear it while still a student. I liken that to only MMs should wear rings, though they may not have taken their proficiency yet.


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One of the incentives that compel a Brother to finish his work is the privilege of wearing Masonic jewelry. It is an honor conferred upon those who have persevered thru all the work and finished as a Master Mason. To allow EA's and FC's to wear and post Masonic jewelry and emblems is to demean the work of countless others who HAVE persevered.


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I agree with David, though just as a lambskin is worn in different ways why shouldnt The jewelry be afforded the same respect, maybe the way its worn or even color coding.. we are not the easiest organization to grant initiation.. would you not be more apt to assist an e.a. or f.c. than a stranger.. I can definitely see both sides as it is a hard and rough road to follow and a privilege to wear....


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When you have labored to wear the "bling" it is a sign among your brothers that you have earned the right to wear it.
We expect each brother to earn the privileges to which he strives. A past worshipful master of your lodge has earned the right to wear the past masters ring and wear the PM apron.
It is a
measure of his devotion to the craft and is a sign he has labored to learn the duties of his office earn the respect of his brethren.
Jim McCormick
SW Cedar Bayou Lodge 321

Ol Kev

Registered User
As an fc myself I think we should have to wait. I am more then happy to wait till I am MM

As one who is in the same boat, I find that I must agree to wait, even though I already have a ring in waiting.

It is like being a little kid who has to take some bad tasting medicine or being told by my mother I couldn't do something. Ultimately it was for my own good and she knew better and I appreciate it now . . . but I didn't like it at the time.

Tony Siciliano

Premium Member
MM's only. "To be forever bound to your obligation, which is your solemn promise, made of your own free will, before the Great Architect of the Universe, as well as your family, friends and brothers signifying your true and heartfelt desire to be forever bound in unity with the fraternity."

I think it's fair to say that a Mason hasn't fully obligated himself until he's attained the 3rd degree.

Kristopher Wyatt

Registered User
I voted no and I see that the overwhelming majority agrees. I think this is because we all take "Masonic jewelery" to mean that which is actually MM jewelery. I can understand the desire of EA and FC with their new enthusiasm to want to wear some Masonic symbols or jewels. I have seen in many catalogs etc, EA and FC lapel pins and the like which I think could help them get their "fix" in the meantime while they work towards becoming a MM. I think that is a good thing, and might even be a nice gift to a new EA/FC. I think the wait though, makes it even more special when they finally become a MM to get a ring or the like.


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My raising will be on the 25th; but I think I may go so far as to wait until after I have turned in my MM proficiency and read some more before wearing a ring. I'd hate for someone to ask me a question about Masonry that I can't answer or at least know where to look to find the answer. Also, symbolically speaking, I am still learning the very basics of how to use the 24" guage and common gavel. Until my ashlar is a bit more properly formed and I can be a better example for Masonry, I will forego Masonic jewelry.

Richard Valdez

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To stir the pot, I thought that I was told I there stood "a just and upright mason" during my EA degree.Since masons meet on the level shouldn't an EA also have the privilege.

I think that an EA and FC are not experienced enough to explain much of the meaning of the symbols in the jewelry and may perhaps pass on bad information about the craft.

and since you enter under agreement to obey the rules, the rules say, MM get the privilege of wearing the jewelry. I think too many would join just to be able to wear them, then they would stop attending lodge and carry themselves as Masons, even though we all know they only have part of the rights, lights, and benefits.

It would devalue the craft to lower the standards just so people could flash the bling, and there would be a flood of "fake" members sporting the look of a true Mason.

So my answer is NO, follow the rules, all the rules. Being a Mason is an honor and a privilege, you have to earn it as all true fellow Masons have done before.