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    Good afternoon, receive a warm and affectionate greeting.

    On this occasion I want to share with you some links on a web portal that deals with masonic topics, Martinist topics, among others.

    The website is in the Spanish language, but it is very easy to understand (hehehehe, I say easy because Spanish is my mother tongue, but putting aside the joke, I think it's easy to understand) and too the Google Chrome translator can be used, it is available in the alternate menu or navigation bar, however the translation could be literal, deforming the content of the message.

    The website has been developed by Emilio Raúl Ruiz Figuerola, in honor of the memory of his son CW2 Francisco Javier Ruiz Gómez, who was part of the US armed forces.

    Below I share the corresponding web links to: Freemasonry - American York Rite - Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, and Martinism.

    Exploring the websites you can find more information, for example: Books, Authors, Reads, and so much more.

    I hope your opinion about this forum topic, I thank you in advance for having attended to this message.
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    Mark89 is not a Mason - please consider this in any comments. Also, he needs to work on improving his English abilities-a Masonic forum is not the place to do this.

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