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Welcome to the new My Freemasonry!

Blake Bowden

Staff Member
Welcome to the new site!

- All new design
- All new forum software
- Numerous add-on updates
- Updated Tapatalk plugin
- Inactive moderators have been moved to the Premium Member group
- Enhanced messaging
- Enhanced mobile experience
- Improved notifications
- National Sojourners forum removed. Threads moved to General.
- Threads from DeMolay, Job’s Daughters, Order of the Knights of Pythagoras, and Rainbow for Girls moved to Youth Organizations
- My Freemasonry Staff forum removed. Threads deleted.
- Members now have the ability to ask questions in the Frequently Asked Questions forum and vote on the best answers.

and much more! A huge thank you to our Premium Members and Site Benefactors. Not only do they keep the lights on, they help fund site hosting, upgrades, domain renewals and the purchasing of addons. This is just the beginning as we have a ton of new features in the pipeline. Stay tuned!
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