Well-dressed Man Put on Trial by Lodge; Charged with 'Engaging in Metrosexual Behavior'

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    Macon, GA--The Past Bastard has learned that a local fashion enthusiast is facing Masonic charges after repeated violations of his local Masonic lodge dress code. Joe Snow, member of Simpleton Lodge No. 2 1/2, insisted on dressing up to attend lodge, reportedly in direct contravention of lodge code. Bro. Snow is being charged with "engaging in and advocating support of metrosexual behavior," an offense punishable by expulsion. Jim Snow, Worshipful Master of Simpleton Lodge explained, "Brother Joe's behavior is inexcusable. He insisted on wearing three-piece suits to lodge when our dress code is known to be bib overalls, and t-shirts only for degrees. God didn't make Adam and Eve wear suits! Neither should we! Brother Snow is breaking divine sartorial law. He deserved to be expelled."

    The Past Bastard caught up with Joe as the situation unfolded. He explained: "I've been in love with fashion for as long as I can remember. I've tried adhering to the dress code, but for me it's who I am, not a choice I make."

    Traditional Observances lodges across the country have aired their support for brother Snow. Johnathan Smith, member of Traditional Lodge No. 1 in Winchester, Kentucky, called out against the perceived injustice: "In today's society, sartorial law differs greatly from Biblical times. We must accept that there just isn't a divine standard for men's clothing in this day and age. As long as you don't force me to wear your clothes, I'm fine with whatever you choose to adorn yourself with."

    The Past Bastard will continue to bring updates as this story unfolds. For now, the writers are sure of one thing: It shouldn't matter what clothes you wear, so far as you wear them--for it is well known that "no nudist can be made a Mason."

    -SK Bro. Mason Burhmaster

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  2. Levelhead

    Levelhead Premium Member

    One of my lodges was an old railroad lodge and they used to wear overalls also.

    Im sure by next year or the year after well be back to bib overalls also.

    I live in the country so this is not abnormal.

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  3. Jason A. Mitchell

    Jason A. Mitchell Premium Member

    I'm a fan of the wear your best to Lodge strategy. If clean jeans are your best, great no worries. If you have a suit, and you wear dockers simply for convenience/laziness, you're not putting your best (attitude or effort) forward.

    That said, I do hate the inverted bigotry that occurs in many Lodges. The he's wearing a $1000.00 suit, he must be doing it to show off and despise us attitude. It's judging someone by money no matter how you slice.
  4. goomba

    goomba Neo-Antient Site Benefactor

    A handful of us younger Masons began wearing suits. You would have thought we called other Masons mother something horrible. I'm more of fan of following lodge standards. The lodge sets a standard which you should follow. I would love to see the day when a black suit is standard wear in all bodies.
  5. GKA

    GKA Premium Member

    We have a past master who likes to attend lodge barefooted
    I have even seen brothers wear shower thongs at Grand Lodge
    I take that as an insult to our proceedings, but what can you do?
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  6. jermy Bell

    jermy Bell Registered User

    I would like to see everyone wear colonial white wigs for business and degree work. Lol, but I can't believe this is real.
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  7. Ripcord22A

    Ripcord22A Site Benefactor

    Its not its three past bastard..it's the Onion of the Freemason world

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  8. Scoops

    Scoops Registered User

    In UGLE-land it's dark suit, white shirt, black tie (or a myriad of provincial charity ties or the "craft" tie), black shoes and white gloves for most members. Provincial and Grand Lodge officers have to dress up a bit more fancy.

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  9. Warrior1256

    Warrior1256 Site Benefactor

    Lol! Funny! However, I do think that some people take "dressing down" for lodge too far. I was visiting a lodge once during officer installation. The guy being installed as Junior Warden had on a pair of jean shorts and a sweat shirt with the sleeves cut out. I couldn't believe it.
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  10. Travelingman45

    Travelingman45 Registered User

    I believe that when we start watering things down to much, we're headed for trouble.

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  11. Warrior1256

    Warrior1256 Site Benefactor

    We don't put on jacket or tie at the two lodges that I belong to. At my mother lodge there is not even any kind of dress code but for someone to show up in shorts and t shirt....well, that's just disrespectful IMHO.
  12. Keith C

    Keith C Registered User

    Suit and tie a requirement for us.

    All officers are supposed to be in Tails, but they cut some slack to Appointed Officers and let us wear dark suits. I am planning on getting Tails over the summer so I can be appropriately dressed here on out.
  13. Ripcord22A

    Ripcord22A Site Benefactor

    I deleted my post as I realized that posting a picture of a member of a lodge that I do not belong to, as an example of how not to dress @ lodge, was out of line(i was not prompted by anyone other then my conscience).

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  14. Warrior1256

    Warrior1256 Site Benefactor

    Wow! Cool!

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