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what degree , Morals and dogma are belongs to ?


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Hi there,
can you answer my questions ? on this book

i`ve heard from several social media groups.

Morals and dogma by Albert pike is an 33 degree book
and other someone else told me its the `first book of masons`,
i dont get his meaning by first book, he means 1 degree ? or what ?

i had several `PDF` version of this book ,
on one of them mentioned :
Morals and dogma of the Ancient and accepted Scottish rite of freemasonry. Prepared for the Supreme council of the thirty-third degree, for the Southern jurisdiction of the United States, and published by its authority

its kind of you if you give me more info on this subject,
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Glen Cook

G A Cook
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It pertains to the Scottish Rite and, in my view, is an anthology of writings regarding man’s relationship to G-d, to his fellow man and to government.

I would not consider it the “first book of Masons.” A substantial part of Freemasonry gets along just fine without reference to it. It is, perhaps, the best known text of Freemasonry.