what is the first step in becoming a Freemason?

Discussion in 'Becoming a Freemason' started by DJones, Aug 10, 2016.

  1. Brother H

    Brother H Registered User

    Wish you all the luck for the new step if you decide to take it.
    However, if I may ask, why do you want to join? what made you feel more interested?
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  2. Derinique Kendrick

    Derinique Kendrick Registered User

    Thanks for referring my name, brother. He hasn't reached out to me as of yet. Hopefully he decides which route he wants to take and knocks.
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  3. Warrior1256

    Warrior1256 Site Benefactor

    Please keep us posted on his progress Brother, we care.
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  4. Clovis R Cassiani

    Clovis R Cassiani Registered User

    Greetings to all members. Please, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Clovis, I am 34 years old, from Brazil. I've come across this forum due to my profund desire to become a Mason. Please, understand that I come here with the utmost respect. Since my early days, I have been curious about Masonry. For a long time, I knew that I did not have the qualities (if I may say so) that are inherent to a Mason. I would say that, despite still being (and probably will be for a good few years) "crude", I was able to better myself, by my own means. Once, a good friend told me that "You do not seek Masonry, It will come to you in the right time". If this is the truth, I do not know, but it somehow it makes sense to me. I do know some Masons in my city and some months ago, I built the courage to approach one of them, which happens to be a family friend, and ask him about Masonry and the desire I felt in becoming a Mason. He was more than pleased to hear my comments, to explain some of the "procedures" (please forgive me if this is not the correct word for it) and share that he too, before becoming one, had the same desire I carry now. He said that, knowing me, he understood that I had the characteristics desired in someone interested about becoming a Mason. He offered himself in telling the WM about my desire.

    This was about two months ago, he never mentioned Masonry on our usual family meetings.

    Assuming that he was able to talk with the WM about my intention: Would this be considered a petition ? Does it usually take that time to "process" my petition ? Would I know if my petition was rejected ?

    Thanks everyone, for reading my comments.

    I remain at your service.

    Thank You

  5. MRichard

    MRichard Mark A. Ri'chard Premium Member

    @Clovis R Cassiani
    That is not a petition. You should follow up with the family friend to see what happened. Perhaps he forgot.
  6. Clovis R Cassiani

    Clovis R Cassiani Registered User

    Thanka a lot for the feedback @MRichard.
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  7. dfreybur

    dfreybur Premium Member

    In most jurisdictions there are no invitations, so Masonry never comes to any man. We have to come to Masonry. Unless you live in the territory of one of the rare jurisdictions that do function by invitation your friend did you and us a disservice.

    A petition is a paper application. Asking verbally starts the process but is not a petition. Please ask your family friend what your next step is to get a petition.
  8. Clovis R Cassiani

    Clovis R Cassiani Registered User

    Thanks for the input @dfreybur. As far as I know, some were invited, some requested. I'm assuming a disservice is not a good thing. I apologize for that.

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