"What is the purpose of God in Freemasonry?"

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    God is a rather cultural construct - an oversize version of the gods of ancient traditions. It may be sufficient to agree that the Force exists or that Life has meaning.
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    OK, Coach, I'm right there with you. (By the way, that's one of the best explanations of Faith, Hope, and Love I have ever read) Now the hard question. How do you square all that with your statements (forgive me, I couldn't find the original statements to quote them) which seem to say that we are theatrical society from the middle ages? Unless by "middle ages" you mean 1717 which appears to be the year when most of the old records and memories were destroyed and a new, more politically expedient Freemasonry was born. Your answer "He lacks the faculty and affinity necessary to do things that Freemasons need to do to do their work" indicates to me that you understand that within the theatrical society there is something more is happening.

    I wonder. Perhaps we are an Initiatory Fraternity for a reason, perhaps true Initiation requires the three qualities you listed, perhaps God is the touchstone for those qualities, perhaps Initiation effects the individual in specific ways. If our little theater is doing all that then we seem to have a purpose.
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    Thanks! It's straight out of the Building Better Builders Workshops that I do around the country.

    See below...

    LOL! YES! Freemasonry is a Theatrical Society with a Moral Purpose! Unfortunately, we have 300 years of Brothers thinking that it was something other than this.

    Freemasonic theater (its plays, aka Rituals) is based upon literature gathered by those who formed the Premier Grand Lodge and augmented this collection to create scripts that allowed new members to go through what was imagined to be what Stonecrafters went through. But we all know that they are not what Stonecrafters went through. It's all made up!

    We don't care though.

    It's total immersion life action role playing at its finest and all under the guise of "masonry" as it has been reinvented for the masses. Having "God" sown into it is just good marketing, support, etc. This lends to support the significance of the plays for believers - the target market. How else are you going to have players new to the plays be drawn in to the opportunity to immerse themselves into what is offered. Shear Genius!

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