What to say to anti-masons at church?

Discussion in 'Philosophy, Religion and Spirituality' started by Ashley Challis, Oct 22, 2011.

  1. Ashley Challis

    Ashley Challis Registered User

    How is the best way to defend yourself from anti-masons at church? One came up to me the other day before the service in front of the minister and said "Hi Ash I see you don't have your Masonic ring on". He felt the need to expose me. To top it all off his father was in the Craft too. I spoke on mystical topics in the hope he wouldn't understand. I was a little harsh, There are lots of Freemasons in my church but I don't want bring it up with them.:11:
  2. Bro. Stewart P.M.

    Bro. Stewart P.M. Lead Moderator Emeritus Staff Member

    Quite frankly, I would ignore the subject when ever possible.

    Freemasonry and the Church is just as dangerous a subject matter as Politics and the Church. It is a battle in which there will be NO winners. Freemasonry is widely accepted in most religions, I can count on one hand the number that I know are against the fraternity. In most of those cases, it was due in part to one person's (clergy) miss-guided opinion of our organization and not the Church itself.

    It sounds to me like this person who addressed you in front of the Minister did so intentionally, trying to get you into trouble. Next time this person attempts such a stunt, punish him under the penalty of an Entered Apprentice!
  3. MikeMay

    MikeMay Premium Member

    Being the sarcastic little son of gun that I am...I would have wanted to simply respond with "does your dad wear his ring all the time?"

    I would have thanked them and said "...I knew I forgot something, thanks for reminding me, and tell your dad I'll see him at the lodge!" :)

    In all seriousness, it is never worth the effort to attempt to engage with someone who has decided to blindside you like that...they have already purposed their intentions against you. Those kinds of engagements leave no winners. Best to just diffuse the situation and move on.
  4. JJones

    JJones Moderator Staff Member

    This would be among the several reasons I don't advertise my membership, at least among people I don't know very well.

    That isn't to say I don't have any masonic pride and I certainly wouldn't deny my association with the fraternity if someone asked, but I like to avoid making myself a target for mason haters if at all possible. I'm also the kind of guy that prefers to keep my business to myself anyhow.
  5. Ashley Challis

    Ashley Challis Registered User

    Thanks for the answers, I love wearing anything to do with the craft. Another Freemason at church he has done 32 degree's he said I'll start wearing my ring too.

  6. Brent Heilman

    Brent Heilman Premium Member

    I do my best to avoid the confrontation. I can be a bit stubborn and I am not one to keep my opinions to myself. Usually, for me, I just let them keep their views to themselves and walk away. Although it is funny that at my church I have a S&C surrounded by small diamonds that I have been wearing recently and it kind of attracts a person's eye to it and since I have been wearing it I have found that there are 3 Brothers that attend church with me from different Lodges in our surrounding communities. I guess I am lucky that instead of causing problems I am finding Brothers.
  7. THemenway

    THemenway Registered User

    Church is where I stumbled upon some Masons that have been more than happy to answer my questions.
    The bible study group I joined consists of 6 people, 4 are Masons. They are very knowledgable and I can't wait for the day when I can have discussions with them on the craft, in depth.
  8. JTM

    JTM "Just in case" Premium Member

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  9. rhitland

    rhitland Founding Member Premium Member

    Remember your EA charge. There are great instructions for this very question.
  10. KFerguson84

    KFerguson84 Premium Member

    Now, I advertise my membership all the time and I love when anti-masons attempt to argue with me. I just remain calm and answer back professionally with a smile on my face and watch them get all heated. It's fun for me.
  11. Nate Riley

    Nate Riley Premium Member

    Nothing. Nobody wins these arguments. Most of the time you can figure out if someone already has their mind made up against Masonry. You generally can't say enough to change their mind, so don't say anything. I have had some conversations with those who are geniunely interested and were not set against.
  12. raydarluvr

    raydarluvr Registered User

    I think we all should wear our Masonica at church. If we all do, then the anti's know just how many of us are right with God. If not, they can ask me… Rev. Jeff Lucas. :D
  13. cog41

    cog41 Premium Member

    I agree with Nate. It really depends on the question or statement. You can usually sense if it's antagonistic or an honest question.

    The first we should ignore. Like Nate has said, Nobody wins.
    The second should be answered with clarity. Don't act as if you're hiding something. Let them know you're always ready to discuss not argue. If you don't know the answer, find out or point them to someone who does. Pretending to know or giving the wrong answer may lead to a need for damage control.
  14. Ol Kev

    Ol Kev Registered User

    OK, I will admit it. While I see the best route is not to engage, something about being glad that I am a Mason conflicts with it. I do like the reminder and reference to another brother response.
  15. jwhoff

    jwhoff Premium Member

    Hello for starts.

    Later, "I can't help but notice you say little or nothing of intoleration, fear, and ignorance."

    That is, of course, if you are willing to push the point.

  16. Dow Mathis

    Dow Mathis Premium Member

    Good question. So far, I haven't had to deal with this, being raised just last April. However, I'm sure that the time will come, as it does in most things. Lots to think about.
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  17. jwhoff

    jwhoff Premium Member

    Sometimes it's better to just think than speak. Remember what masonry suggest you do.

    Silence is Golden ... nice song.:40:

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