Where Have All The Masons Gone?

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    I've come to adopt a belief that Freemasonry isn't dying, it's refining. What we are currently seeing is the result of an illness. However, instead of treating the infection most grand lodges and lodge are treating the symptoms and not the illness.


    The two links above are a good jump off point for looking into the illness.

    Additionally, I believe to many lodges and GL's act as if they are an island. Yes culture is different in California and Alabama and England and Brazil. But looking outside of your lodge or dare I say outside of the lodge/grand lodge system just might have some valuable information. But from what I've seen the number one resource not used by the lodge are its members. If you have a 21 year old EA ask him questions. As a matter of fact maybe ask members who have joined in the last 5 years questions. We have the answers to our questions.

    Lastly these three papers are priceless:
    http://pictoumasons.org/library/Smith, Dwight L ~ WhitherAreWeTraveling [pdf].pdf
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    I've been in the fraternity for quite sometime...
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    How long?
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    That is probably so, although I have been waiting for 30 years now. A significant difficulty may be that none of the mainstream Masonic formats and administrations are suited to the new cycle.

    If so, the renaissance of Freemasonry must start from somewhere else.

    I am reminded of Albert Mackey:

    "He must not confound the doctrine of Freemasonry with its outward and extrinsic form. He must not suppose that certain usages and ceremonies, which exist at this day, but which, even now, are subject to extensive variations in different countries, constitute the sum and substance of Freemasonry. ... But it must be always remembered that the ceremony is not the substance. It is but the outer garment which covers and perhaps adorns it, ...so take from Masonry these external ceremonies, and you still have remaining its philosophy and science. These have, of course, always continued the same, while the ceremonies have varied in different ages, and still vary in different countries." The Symbolism Of Freemasonry page 10.

    Masonic administrations administer the ceremonies and membership. According to Mackey ceremonies are the externals of Freemasonry. How can such bodies assist in a renaissance of Freemasonry?
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    I noticed you are a member of a PHA GL as well as me. I am speaking from the brothers I have come into contact with in my jusdriction that hold the "title" 33. One thing to note and im not sure if your jusdriction is the same, but I was always told the 33° was something you earned and not purchased, but lately I have seen brothers after 3 or 4 years becoming a 33°. I finally asked one guy how he became one so fast and he said by paying money. Correct me brothers, is this a degree you earn for your service to Freemasonry or is it a degree you just pay in the thousands for just to say you are a 33° ?

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    If you paid money to get to 33, that was definitely a clandestine order and a spurious degree.

    The most eminent Mason I ever met said you get a white hat by working for 20 years in the kitchen or walking on the Moon. He said he'd earned his working 20 years in the kitchen. Yet he was by then a Past Grand Master in California so respected the Mason of the Year award from GLofCA is now named after him.

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