Where is God?

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    Well what happened was The God of Israel came as a Man, (according to the Bible) The Lion of Judah, and made it so that they who believe will receive what was promise "life forever more" people still have intimate relationships with Him, yes He who, was still is, and still will be , he is still very much active, those who have not experienced Him " may be" blind, cripple or crazy or liars or on the wrong team!!!WWEA

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    The Supreme Being is the Absolute... being the Source of and Root of all, there is no place it is not.

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    Perhaps your God might have a single physical location. Mine does not. Mine is within and without everything, between, among, next to, and above all. Everywhere at once, no distinction between His "physical" and "spiritual" location. No single subatomic particle can exist without His presence immediately there.
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    To answer this:

    God isn't silent. We choose not to listen to Him.

    Look at Scripture, anyway. How many of those within it actually had a "face-to-face"? Before the New Testament, it was a very small number. In the New Testament, many more, but to His human face, and it was made plain that this was to be a "one-off" event.
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    To be honest, I feel that my first reply to this thread was a little flippant. So let me try a little harder to answer your question.

    When I was a boy my father had a boat. I loved zipping across the water, pulling up on a sandy shore, and playing in the water while dad got the charcoal grill ready and mom put a meal together. Looking back now, I see now much work my father put into making those days happy for his family. Fast forward a few years to he and I sitting on the porch when I began to ask him about Freemasonry. He said "Freemasonry is work, a way of doing something in your life". When I asked "doing what?" he smiled and told me "finding the lost word".

    Today I know that when I was young I took that boat for granted. I didn't realize the work it took to have that much fun - to get your life to the point where it was that good. The boat was good because someone was doing the work to make it so. Freemasonry is like that. It is doing the work to make myself into a person who makes the world good. God is like that. God is like fun, you can't see it, but you know when it is there. And like that boat, you never know the work that went into it until you have done the work yourself. And I need to write a little more to really explain it, but I seem to have lost those words. Maybe you can find them.
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