Who Would Not Be A Mason?

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    Who would not be a Mason, and wear the apron white?
    And feel the bonds of friendship the rich and poor unite?

    To know Masonic virtues, to do Masonic deeds?
    And sympathetic, minister unto a Brother's needs?

    Who would not be a Mason, and join the brethren true?
    To see our noble teachings their glorious work pursue?

    To feel a bond Fraternal is theirs where'er they go?
    And find a hearty welcome as they journey to and fro?

    Who would not be a Mason, a craftsman just and fair,
    To meet upon the Level, and part upon the Square?

    To hear the voice of Charity, where'er our Lodges be?
    And to know our Grips and Passwords, and share in all our glee?

    Who would not be a Mason, to labor day by day?
    And laboring try to lessen the thorns upon life's way?

    To help to form a column, all perfect and complete?
    Fit for building that great Temple, wherein we hope to meet?​
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    Loved it

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