Why do we hold stated meetings on the MM degree only?

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  1. hanzosbm

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    Yes, and I hate it. I voted against it at last year's communication, but...to no effect.

    California has some odd rules that can be troublesome. While I don't agree with conducting business solely on the 3rd degree, I also don't agree with doing it solely on the 1st degree. For one thing, unless you frequently do degrees, you get rusty. Our lodge is very small and we will sometimes go a year or more without putting on a degree. I wish it was Master's choice.
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  2. Brother JC

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    I’ve been in this lodge nearly five years and have never opened in anything else.
    We’re a very small lodge.
  3. Buckeye

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    When I was raised twenty-five years ago business could only be conducted in lodge opened in the MM degree. It's since been changed and we can open in whatever degree we want but only MM's can vote.
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