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    Hi, first time contributor, thrice PM, thrice PHP, once PTIM. I used to love the YR. It was by far the most educational of all the Masonic bodies that I belonged to in my district(s). Being close to Boston, it is easy to get to any YR, SR meeting, so I am fortunate that geography gives me convenient access. I truly enjoyed my terms in the East of my Blue Lodge, my Chapters and my Council. The continued contraction of the fraternity, mostly due to mortality, has resulted in a distillation of leadership so that we have a situation where the same Masons are our district leaders and GL leaders. Consequently, leadership opportunities do not get spread around districts, rather the proverbial masonic mortar is consistently pointed to the same individuals, who do not best represent the interests or wishes of their constituent Blue Lodges, Chapters, Councils and Commanderies. Seeing qualified Brothers, Companions and Sir Knights get consistently passed over for leadership positions and the same Masons repeatedly selected has resulted IMHO, a demoralizing impact and an attendant loss of interest. You come to lodge, do the work, build friendships, believe you have a lot to contribute at the district and GL level, and it never happens. So, Brothers and Companions are discouraged. More meaningless, boring official and fraternal visits, more coma-inducing business and annual meetings, more meals where you get over-charged for mediocre to poor food and a declining membership. I'll continue to do my duties in the YR until I retire, but after I do retire, I'll be in a remote location and I will demit from the YR and SR. All in all, I have enjoyed my Masonic experience. In recent years though, cronyism has fouled this experience and I lack enthusiasm for much of what I used to enjoy.
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    >In recent years though, cronyism has fouled this experience

    I have belonged to various lodges that declined while failing to retain MMs, JWs and PMs and these days failing to attract candidates. Like many social organizations, Freemasonry has come to the end of a cycle. Whether it can regenerate within the existing structures looks increasingly unlikely.

    During decline of an organization it is natural to see a decline in leadership as many of the better members move on - hopefully to something better. The local GL has just been pinged by the public sector regulator of charities for its connivance at the pirates that took over the GL's charitable assets. Such asset stripping is typical when an organization reaches the end of its road.

    The temple that extends E to W, N to S and from the center of the Earth to the Heavens still needs to be operated and humans will be trained for it, regardless of the decline of GL style Freemasonry. New structures will be established to train the new generation in the spiritual work of the planet.

    We need not cling to forms that have outlived their usefulness. Life has always found new forms through which to express Itself.
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    I'm trying to understand how all that happens to take place – genuine question as I'm not from the same area, or continent.

    Perhaps I'm wrongly interpreting your lines, but I seem to read that there are some individuals who engineer their climb of the Masonic social ladder and as a consequence they play the top positions like a set of musical chairs.

    If that's the case, I wonder whether it is also happening over here.

    Or perhaps I'm misreading what you said.

    I was also wondering in what terms they "do not best represent the interests or wishes of their constituent Blue Lodges, Chapters, Councils and Commanderies" – again, genuine question as I have limited experience.
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    It’s a corporation run by humans... your mileage will vary.
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