Wife having a problem with Freemasonry, she wants

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    Re: Wife having a problem with Freemasonry, she wa

    If any my brothers are passing through Orlando, Florida my lodge (Eola 207) meets every first Tuesday and every third Tuesday.
    Eola Lodge 207
    3200 East Grant Street
    Orlando, fl 32856
    Fellowship 6:30 pm
    State Communication 7:30 pm

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    Re: Wife having a problem with Freemasonry, she wa

    No problem bro thanks for explaining

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    Re: Wife having a problem with Freemasonry, she wa

    My wife had issues also. I took her to a few O.E.S public events including their installation of officers. She really liked the atmosphere and the sisters there and asked for a petition. It has brought us closer together and the negativity towards me going to lodge completely ceased. The chapter meets twice a month and since there are two additional chapters in the county, she now goes to lodge every week! ...while I stay home to feed and put to bed all five of our children. I now find myself bitchin' at her for being at lodge too often.

    Best of luck brother.

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    Re: Wife having a problem with Freemasonry, she wa

    My wife has no problem with it, i guess i am lucky. I want to go to church more but i have difficulties sometimes. You see, march of 2013 my wife went into premature labor with our twin girls and one live 20 hours and the other lived a month. We cannot have children naturally. So my wife and i have difficulties with our own religion. I still believe and will never stop believing. I have a hard time of going to church because what people say with the best of intent still hurts because you wonder why this was apart of the "master plan". She loves the fact that i love the brotherly love of the lodge because it makes me feel like people are really there for me. Not just there to tell me what the bible says but there to tell me they are there for me and they mean it.

    I guess i got off on a rant but i am saying that i don't have the problem others have because i have been the one trying to get my wife to go to church but it hurts me to go as well. Sadly enough OES in my area is almost dead. My wife enjoys going to charity events with me especially when we put together the dental kits for kids and she comes to officers installations.

    My point is, i have shared with my wife in very specific details what Freemasonry does for me and how it helps me, without divulging any of our mysteries and secrets. Maybe you should tell her what it truly means to you.
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    Re: Wife having a problem with Freemasonry, she wa

    My commiseration with your loss.

    What you describe in problems with your church not problems with your religion. It's an important difference. There's always another church down the road that is less likely to exhibit the problem. In your case I'd be dubious but at least in theory there should be a church that does not exhibit that behavior.
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    For me it's always been God, family,… then Masonry. I'm lucky also because my wife has never had a problem with it. But we do encounter this with other members from time to time. It's the same old rhetoric that's been around for 300 years that just gets a facelift and pushed around some more. It was debunked when it first came out and it still has to be debunked today. Most pastors mean well and are looking out for the souls of their parishioners. They just don't know truth from fiction. Then there are the others that make their name off of being anti-masonry. Although you probably won't change the pastors mind. It's possible, but unlikely. You could try taking your wife's objections individually and help her to learn the truth of each one as far as what you can tell her. Like I said before, nearly every lie put out about Masonry has already been to debunked so you shouldn't have a problem finding information that you need.
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    I can only speak for myself and what I would do in your place. For example, I have a modest firearm collection and I know that firearm ownership is a hot topic issue. If I dated a woman for a long period of time and she never expressed any opposition to me owning firearms until after we were married my reply would be "You'll go out that door before a single one of these guns do." In other words if my lady expressed no concerns with something I was doing until after we were married then I would deduce that she married me thinking that afterwards she would chip off the rough edges and turn me into exactly what she wanted and I would not go along with that. Just my opinion.
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    Not knowing you or your wife I can only comment based on my own experience. Here goes...from my first interview in this journey it was made clear god, family, and job came first. That's one of the reasons I decided to join. Your brothers certainly understand this. My responsibility to my wife trumps the lodge every time in every case. I'm a mason, I put the needs of others before my own.
    She's my wife. She loves me. She wants me to be happy. I'm the husband. I'm the breadwinner. I'm the head of my household. If I've satisfied myself my duties to home and family are satisfied I do a little something for myself. I don't ask the wife if I can go to lodge meetings once a month. I tell her when I'll be home and I'm not late.
    If lodge night were church night I'd miss church once a month. If the wife thought the lodge was evil i'd remind her she surely wouldn't marry an evil man and end the discussion there.
    What's important to me here is I have satisfied my duties to her, house, and home before I consider going to lodge.
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    Seems the place to start is getting the Pastor square with the idea that it is you to whom your wife is married, then getting the wife on the same square. Then proceed with caution and information.
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